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B2B Online Booking Engine

WEBAXYZ is a robust, secure and feature-rich B2B booking engine customized for your travel business. Built on advanced technological infrastructure, we are constantly innovating to keep it updated and secure. We have more than a decade of experience in the travel domain and we are abreast with the latest market trends - this is translated to the software we develop. We work closely with our clients to develop modules that simply work. Our B2B booking system has all the essential modules included, you can adjust pricing and markup policies dynamically, display hotel rooms availability in real-time, manage credit limits, and manage cancellation policies and fees. We are partners with over 60 leading suppliers for you to pick and choose for turnkey integration in your system. You will save costs and increase efficiency with the high return on investment our system offers.

B2C Online Booking Tool

Trip is a B2C platforn that lets you fully replicate your brand image within your booking website and in the same time keeps your customer's user journey focused

It includes functionalities like multi-language, multi-currency. Google analystics integeration and an innovative cache engine that stays at foundation of your SEO efforts

The Rest Tool includes must-have features such as:

  • Catch system that stores all searches made and can deliver instant results.
  • Singel page experiance with asynchronous hotel response from suppliers.
  • Metadata ready database that can be configured to keep alive search results.
  • Shopping basket that lets visitors add service at any time during their journey.
  • B2C Mark-up tool that allows you to make an addition to the supplier price, based on reservation value, destination, airline or combination of services.

Main Benefits:

  • Dynamic packaging.
  • Multi-currency, Multi-language.
  • Fully customisable website using REST Api.
  • Meta-Search ready Engine

Corporate & Self Booking Tool

CSBT is designed to be a perfect fit for your SME Corporate customers

  • The Corporate Self-Booking tool has content freedom. having pure neutral content, the platform alloows you to put up for sale the travel content that you have contracted from your chosen suppliers
  • You can integrate services from commercial airlines and low-cost carriers, through GDS or Direct Connect option, hotel from the wholesalers that you have agreements with or your own contracted hotels - it's all up to you.
  • The autonomy brought by this business modal translates into increased flexibility in setting trade policies.
  • Allows in-depth definitions of travel policies and configurations of approval chain profiles and approval workflows having the possibility to define them per user or per user groups.

Main Benefits:

  • Use your own content
  • Advanced user profile
  • Remarks configuration
  • Advanced travel policies

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP solution for airline and travel companies is a business valuable tool to manage all the workflow throughout the world

These days tourism and hospitality industry is one of the most powerful. Being the catalyst of the local economy of many countries, the sector with a high rate of the capital, a payback and a profitability of the investment, tourism forms gross domestic product (GDP), activates balance of foreign trade, creates extra openings and thus provides population with the employment. As tourism and hospitality industry grows rapidly, no wonder that competition in this sector is extremely high. Customer service of the highest level, accurate information about the customers and all the provided services is a must for those organizations who want to be successful. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system meets all the demands of a modern travel company. It enables travel organizations to give exceptional customer service, maintaining cooperation between the departments, securing the accomplishment of the daily work and providing structured information in real time. ERP system allows to cut operational costs down and increase the company’s efficiency.

ERP features and functions in tourism and hospitality industry

ERP system is a valuable tool of administrative information and control. It can be used to manage every level of tourism and hospitality industry: human resource, management of finance, service, maintenance, stocking, projects, investment, risk, decision-making, payoff analyzing, region planning, region business, intelligent traffic.

The features of ERP systems developed and customized at WEBAXYZ Group are as follow:

  • HR management system is a suite of integrated information that streamlines both human resources and capitals. It contains the employee list (where attendance, leaves, shifts are recorded), and also the timesheet (enables managers and other senior employees to check the hours worked).
  • Financial accounting module is designed to record the assets, expenditure, and revenue of the company. This module handles regulation of the money flow and allows to review the company’s financial status in real time.
  • Fixed assets module is developed to keep record of items you purchase for your business and to help you calculate depreciation.
  • Customer relationship management module provides you with an opportunity to boost sales. This flexible database enables you to know your clients better by giving any information on them: their contacts, addresses or relationship with your competitors.
  • Reports management system will be of great help. With this module you can get the core operational information: check-in/checkout reports, occupancy reports, reports about employees.
  • Quality management module is a key to success in tourism industry. It is designed to monitor the quality of the products during all stages of their life cycle.
  • Enterprise controlling module considers all the company’s success factors and helps analyze performance indicators.
  • Investment management system is a versatile tool that enables the travel agency to monitor the investments and thus allows the company to work more efficiently.
  • Pre-sales and marketing management system is developed in order to help you manage marketing campaigns and follow-ups towards your customers.
  • Order and billing management system is a step towards smooth, error-free order-to-cash process. This module improves quote accuracy, eliminates billing errors and accelerates cash flow.
Benefits ERP can bring to tourism and hospitality

In today’s environment of active competition it’s crucial for a travel company to use every advantage and tool so as to be on top. ERP software system could be one of those advantages. Being tailor-made to the needs of the tourism sector, it allows to save labor hours of the company as well as its money. With ERP system one can be at an advantage thanks to the following benefits:

  • Integrated information: ERP system reduces the need for buying and maintaining multiple software systems, enables all the departments in the industry to perform various functions simultaneously
  • Increased efficiency in processes: ERP system eradicates labor-intensive manual processes, makes data collecting more efficient and accurate
  • Effective management: ERP makes control of contracts with hotels to discuss optimal conditions, of vouchers for reservations and invoices
  • A modular software system: the organization is able to develop only those modules that apply to its requirements
  • Access to data: quick and easy access to information is provided, the interaction with the client in real time
  • Increased security of data: ERP system is more secure as all the transactions that take place via ERP system can be tracked
  • User friendliness of the system: ERP system is easier to use for the staff, it provides an easier access to the data and facilitates the preparation of specific reports.
Custom-made ERP system for tourism from WEBAXYZ Group

WEBAXYZ Group is a company that always sticks to individual approach to each client and designs its software according to the customers’ demands. Our employees are professionals with broad experience who will be able to develop ERP system according to the requirements of your company. This system will create value and business benefit making it easier to track the workflow across various departments, reduce manual intervention, operate databases, verify financial flow and improve corporate governance.

Payment Gateway Integration

WEBAXYZ Systems Corporation specializes in payment gateway integrations . We have provided payment gateway integration services for retail shopping cart business, subscription-based websites, C2C payment systems, multivendor pay-outs, donation sites and much more.

Our payment gateway integration services have helped numerous clients to provide different payment options on their site, based on their business needs. Our team of professionals uses a variety of technologies to ensure secure and fast payment transactions. Our professionals are expertise in PCI complaints integrations, SSL integrations, API and hosted payment integrations.

Our developers are not only expertise in simple payment gateway integration services, but also in hosted model payment integration services, recurring payment integration, adaptive payment integrations, and mass payment integration. Our payment gateway services provide the above-mentioned types of payments and ensure optimum security & fraud prevention to the clients during online transactions.